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So this is your first time at Aadultlist.com... Welcome. We hope you enjoy your visit and find all the information you need to buy adult videos the intelligent way.

Aadultlist.com is your one stop source for previewing and buying adult videos. We were fed up with the way you traditionally buy videos, either through mail order or a trip to the local video store. Aadultlist now gives you an on-line alternative. No more embarrassing scenes at the video store or even having to keep those mail order catalogs out of sight. Order right on-line, securely and safely.

Aadultlist gives you all of this for FREE:

- Information on almost every movie in our 55,000+ title database... This includes reviews, who starred in it, run time, director, type of movie, etc.

- Searchable database of over 55,000 movies... Just type in a keyword and you'll get a list of movies that fit's your preference. This includes Female Stars by Name, Male Stars by Name, Movie Name, Fetish(i.e. Leather, Bondage, etc.), Director, Manufacturer, and anything else you can think of.

- Boxcovers of many of the movies in our library... These are high quality scans done in-house to ensure that the quality is always the best.

- Manufacturer's Pages listing the latest titles and the boxcovers... These pages list the movies by manufacturer with the boxcover and title so you can preview their latest releases.

- New Stars in our Meet the Stars pages... This is where you can get all the latest info on the newest stars in the adult industry.

- Hot Lists of the latest and best releases on the market today... Don't waste your time with videos that couldn't raise a feather. We give you lists of the hottest "New Releases" and "This Month's Best" videos, updated on a monthly basis. In addition we give you the Adult Video News Top 60 Videos every month.

- Preview the Weekly Special and Editor's Favorite videos featured on the Home page... See the streaming videos of the scenes in the movie and several pictures from the scenes in the movie. You'll always know what the video has before you buy it.

- Shopping for your favorite video couldn't be easier... Simply find the movie you want and click on the "BUY IT" button and you're done. You can even see a running list of movies in your shopping cart and a total of your purchases. We'll be adding a full line of "Toys" for your pleasure very soon, so check back often.

If you decide to become a member here's what else you'll get...

- Pictures: That's right, pictures of every scene in a movie. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it, so why should it be any different for adult videos. We have captured 1000's of pictures from every scene in our library of over 200 (and growing every day) of the latest and hottest titles. Great quality and quick loading, these pictures will give you a real sense of what the movie is about. This is all done in-house, so check back often to see the additions as the come on-line.

- Streaming Video: You'll get streaming video clips of every scene in a movie. These clips will give you some of the action you can expect from the movie you are looking to buy. These are unedited clips from the movies and are guaranteed to get you hot. The list that you can choose from is over 200 movies strong, and growing everyday.

- Great Deals on Movies: As a member, you will get terrific savings on the movies you buy. We are the Adult Movie Store of "Amazonian" proportions, so we get the movies for less and we can pass the savings on to you. Special movie discounts for "Members Only" can save you at least 10% off the list movie price and practically pay for the cost membership. If you sign up today, we'll give you a free adult video with your first purchase. A $39.95 value!

- Chat Rooms: Members will be able to talk to other members about the latest titles and their favorite picks. In the future we will feature live chat sessions with your favorite stars and directors.

- Members Forum: Members will be able to post to discussion strings in a billboard format on any topic they like. We want this forum to be a place where you, the actual buyer, can give feedback on the films you buy. Post your own reviews that we'll feature each month on the site.

Memberships are available from as low as $0.50 per day ($14.95 per month) and come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Click here to join today.

Either way, member or not, we hope you enjoy your buying experience at Aadultlist.com. We want to be your reference source for "intelligent" adult movie buying. Aadultlist.com - The new way to buy adult videos.

Adult Video Buyers GuideClick here to go back to top.

If you aren't familiar with adult videos, here is a short course on what to expect and look for in a quality adult video.

First of all, most adult videos are separated into "Scenes" or vignettes. These are the chapters in the video and generally last 10 to 20 minutes each. Most adult videos are split up into 5 or 6 "scenes" with different scenarios each. For example, the first scene might have a lesbian theme, the next scene might have 2 girls and 1 guy, the next scene might involve a gang bang with several players, the next scene... and so on and so on.

Some videos don't fit this formula though. The fetish releases (bondage, peeing, leather, rubber, etc.) usually stick with one theme throughout and can have a lot more scenes than the typical 5 or 6. It is not uncommon to have 15 or 20 scenes in a fetish movie that deal with all different venues or acts.

Many of the movies available today are part of a "Series". These "series" releases are a way for the manufacturers to get the most mileage from their most popular titles. An example is the "Dirty Debutantes" Series from 4Play Video that has over 100 differently titled releases all starting with "Dirty Debutantes". For example - "Dirty Debutantes Vol.70" - a "series" usually follows the same format for each movie. In this case, all of the girls in the "Dirty Debutantes" series are first timers to the industry.

Another thing to check for is Run Time. We carry videos that range from 30 minutes all the way to 4 hours. Animated adult videos (Anime) from Japan and elsewhere are usually no more than 45 minutes. Most adult videos are about 2 hours long, but the latest trend is to make super long 4 hour sex fests. They are great if you've got that kind of time on your hands (and by that time something else)!

The latest development in the adult industry is the DVD format. We sell a number of DVD titles now, and are adding more everyday. The Digital Video Disk (DVD) is the same size as a musical Compact Disc (CD) and plays in a DVD Player. DVD's offer the best value for your adult entertainment buck. In the DVD format, you can skip to a scene immediately, see director's cuts of different scenes, view several camera angles of the same scene, even super-slow motion the movie without losing any picture quality. This is only a smidgen of what is available on the DVD format. If you don't have one, get one. You'll never buy another videotape again. Good news: most titles today will be available on DVD by the end of this year. TIP: when buying classic adult video (i.e. John Holmes, Seka, etc.), DVD is your best bet. The re-mastering gives you "better than the original" viewing pleasure. This is the way adult movies should be seen.

All in all, adult videos should be fun. A release from reality that lets us explore a more fun side of life. So sit back and enjoy previewing and buying movies all from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Aadultlist - The new way to buy adult videos.

Search TipsClick here to go back to top.

Since we have a database of over 55,000 titles and all the associated information that goes with each movie, we felt it necessary to give you a few tips to make our search engine easier for you to use.

First of all, our search engine is slow!!!! It is not uncommon for it to take several minutes for it to return all of the selections that match your criteria. We are updating the programming, but this takes time also. Right now, we have a "good" search engine, but it is finicky.

Let's begin:

Input only one keyword into the KEYWORD field at a time.  Example: anal, fetish, gay, lesbian, etc.

Search only 1 field at a time.  Example: you would not search the KEYWORD field and the STAR NAME field at the same time.  If you enter something in one of the fields, hit the SUBMIT button.  If you enter "John Holmes" in the STAR NAME field, leave all the other fields blank and hit the SUBMIT button.

When using initials in your search, use periods after the initial.  Example: V.C.A. (not: vca or VCA); O.G.V. (not: ogv or OGV or even O G V); John T. Bone (not john t bone).  This can speed up your search by almost 2X.

Always use correct spelling.  Example: Jhn Holmes is not John Holmes.  If you misspell a word, simply start your search over by entering the correctly spelled keyword and hit the SUBMIT button. If you aren't sure of a spelling, check it before you search. 

Our finicky search engine also has a few things it would like you to know. 

Every search is limited to 800 responses.  This means that if, for example, you enter ANAL and hit SUBMIT, the number of responses (movies) it will return will be limited to 800.

If you want to buy an item, simply put a number in the white QUANTITY box.  It will automatically process your order when you hit VIEW/MODIFY CART or CHECKOUT STAND.

Not every movie will have the cast listed.  There are over 55,000 movies in our database, some of them from the 60's.  Where the cast list (and other details) are available they will be inputted and ready for you to search.  We update this database daily so check back often to see the new stuff we add.

Help/FAQ'sClick here to go back to top.

This is the section where we try not to confuse you.

If at any time you get lost in the site , hit the BACK button on your browser or go directly to HOME. This should give you your bearings quickly. If you are really confused, bookmark this site, go get a drink from the fridge, drink it in one sitting, then come back and try again. If this doesn't help, then try repeating the process again and again until you just don't care anymore. Better yet, go watch an adult movie.

But seriously, if you have a problem navigating this site please e-mail us with your concerns at [email protected] . We really want to bring you the best site for adult movies, let us know if we can do something better, there's always room for improvement,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy a movie at Aadultlist.com?
A: That's simple. Just go to the SHOPPING button, the SEARCH button or the FIND IT button on our search box. All of these options will lead you to the search page where you simply type in the keyword you'd like to search by and hit SUBMIT. When the page comes up with all of the selected titles, simply enter the amount you want (1, 2, 3, etc.) and go to the CHECKOUT STAND. Just like at a regular store.

Q: How much does a membership cost?
A: Depending on how long you want it for, just less than $0.50 a day. We have a trial membership of 7 days that costs just $4.95. There is a monthly membership that costs just $14.95, less than $0.50 per day. And finally, there is a three month membershipthat costs just $39.95, that's less than $0.45 per day to get the best info and previews on all the latest releases. Click hereto go to the join page, or click here to go to the membership preview page.

Q: When I try to view the movie, it won't load correctly in my computer.  How can I view the Streaming Video Clips of every scene in a movie?
A: This is pretty simple if you have a newer machine.  We wont get all techie on you, but the easiest way to do it is by clicking here. This will send you to the download page for the Microsoft Windows Media Player. Just follow the directions and download the latest version for your machine. Once it is in your computer, you can use it to see any of our over 200 movie previews available to members.

If this doesn't fix it, send an e-mail to [email protected] and use the subject "can't play movies" and a brief description of what happens when you attempt to download and play. If you include your system information, we will be able to get you an answer very quickly.

Q: Your search engine returned no results for my search request?
A: This could be one of several outcomes. The most likely is that you searched for a keyword that isn't recognized by our Search Engine. Another is that you misspelled or mis-typed the keyword in or you placed keywords in more than one field. In any event, retry your search after reading our Search Tips for more information on how to get the most from our search engine.

Q: Your search engine takes a long time to return my request. Is this normal?
A: The speed of our search engine depends on a lot of things including: the speed of your connection, how many users are using the search engine at the same time, your keyword search, and the fact that we have over 1 million pieces of information in our database to search every time you press the SUBMIT button! It is normal for a search to take between one and five minutes. For more tips on how to best use our Search Engine click here.

If you have any other questions not addressed here, e-mail us at [email protected]

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